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Thank you Michael Cinquino! During the shoot, Michael put me in the driver's seat and encouraged me to actively participate in the process. I have spent countless hours and dollars getting headshots over and over again--always settling, never really understanding what I'm doing and just hoping something turns out right with luck and a prayer. I will never take another headshot picture like this, nor will I use another photographer! Michael demystified the process and empowered me along the way. -Prather Rehm

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Michael is the best of the best. Not only am I incredibly happy with my headshots, but I walked away from the experience more knowledgeable about both the business and myself. I highly recommend Michael Cinquino! -Margie Zarcone


Close to a year ago, I decided to get serious about my work as a stage and camera actor and was referred to Michael by my acting coach. I'll never forget our first meeting and conversation. From the moment I walked in the door, I was put completely at ease by Michael and his team. We sat down, he explained his process, we talked movies, TV, music, roles, life, and goals. Then, we incorporated all of that into the session. I have seen nothing but success and auditions come from these shots but more importantly I am able to look at them and say "That's me." I recommend all of my friends to Michael and time and again they produce magic. My friends leave happy and then they go book. In a city filled with astronomical price tags that get you little quality or truth, this man's work is a beacon of light for the working professional. -Robert Wesley Mason


I "met" Michael in 2014 on Periscope. There was something about his transparency, his authenticity and his passion that made me take a good, hard, deep look in the mirror - more so than I ever had in my life. And what I found was the true, real, raw me was covered up by years of self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I decided I wasn't going to put up with those feelings anymore. I've been enamored by Michael's photography and his ability to capture a person's light and help bring it to the surface. I knew I had to be on the other side of his camera...but I was so afraid. Afraid it would be so apparent I was holding back and hiding. In June 2017, with an overseas military move coming up quick for our family- I knew I had to schedule my photo shoot with Michael or I'd regret it for the next 3 years while we're living abroad. The days leading up to my shoot were filled with so much anxiety- I almost cancelled! But Michael had been showing up on my social media, I could tell he was invested in me and was making a real effort to connect with me and I couldn't bring myself to let him down. On the morning of my shoot I could hardly breathe! I was shaking, had dry mouth and was dropping things! Seriously? It's a photo shoot, I've done several. But when Michael walked through the door and gave me a giant hug suddenly my fears melted. Over the course of the next several hours of my personal branding shoot something really amazing happened. I became me. Layers and years of comparison and negative self talk fell away and on that rooftop in Brooklyn, in the blazing hot sun, with sweat pouring and drenching us- I found my truth. If you are looking for a photographer to snap a few pictures of you then Michael is not your man. But if you're looking for someone to invest in you and help you dig deep and find that place inside of you that must be set free - you have found your photographer in Michael. -Annie Peguero

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