Your Truth. Photographed.®




- Unlimited digital images*
- 5 to 6 different looks in Michael’s natural light studio
- Downloadable gallery of high rez images available 24 hours after the shoot
- 2 to 3 hours of on-camera time
- Pre-session marketing strategy session (As every actor is unique, this is key to creating compelling photographs that will help book you work). 
- Eligibility for a return session rate of $450


- Unlimited digital images*
- 6 total personal branding looks (you may include headshot looks if you like)
- On-Location branding photographs
- Downloadable gallery of high rez images available 48 hours after the shoot - A half-day experience with Michael. Total time is usually around 5 hours.
- Pre-session marketing strategy session
- Eligibility for a return headshot session rate of $450

* Unlike many photographers, Michael provides a high rez gallery to all clients after the shoot. There aren’t any additional fees for low-res image samples, for putting images online, or for each print- resolution image you’d like after your shoot.


Our makeup artist can also be scheduled for your session if you wish; the MUA stays for the duration of your session. While this is not required, it is highly recommended by Michael.

A note on makeup - going to a makeup counter or having a friend do your makeup might seem like a good way to save a couple of extra bucks but at the end of the day, a bad make-up application won’t be correctable in post production. Additionally, Michael’s MUA knows how to apply for his lighting and camera set-up which is different than a normal day-to-day application.


WOMEN $225

MEN $150


WOMEN $350

MEN $200

MUA fee is due in cash at time of shoot.

You should arrive with your hair as you wear it day-to-day. Michael’s MUA is happy to help you with maintenance throughout the shoot and you’re welcome to bring your own products.


We love having our clients back in our studio! Return clients are eligible for a return headshot session rate of $450. Makeup and hair is not included; please see above for rates.


To secure a session date and time, we require a nonrefundable deposit of $250 for headshot sessions. For personal branding sessions, nonrefundable deposit of $697.50 is required.

Please remember to coordinate with your work, your school, and your representation. Let them know you will not be available the day of your shoot.

Rescheduling may occur up to one full week before a shoot. If a client were to reschedule for whatever reason with less than one full week’s notice, they would lose the deposit. You may reschedule your appointment twice. If a client were to reschedule an appointment three times, they would lose their deposit. The shoot must occur within a year of the initial deposit, or the deposit will be forfeited.


Michael’s post-production retouching and prints are available through Reproductions or Colorworks NYC. You will receive your proofing gallery of high rez images within 24-48 hours of your shoot.


If I want to start with scruff or a beard and shave halfway through my session can I do that?


Do I see the photos as we’re taking them?

YES! Michael is big on this. We review every single photo together on a 24” monitor and he edits as he works. The only way to make sure we’re getting what we need is to look on a larger screen. Everybody looks great on the 3” back of the camera.

Will you meet me before the session for a consultation?

Michael is happy to have you come visit the studio for a free consultation. To schedule this reach out to my Studio Director here:

Copyrights & Usage

Clients are welcome to use these images to promote themselves on their own websites or the websites of their acting representatives, submit prints for potential work or representation, upload to industry websites and blogs such as IMDB, etc. The images may not be used for commercial purposes, or by any 3rd party without Michael’s written consent. Please feel free to ask if you’re not clear on the reasons behind limitations on usage.

Does Michael offer discounts?

Michael offers a $100 discount for students enrolled in a college, conservatory or studio program.

Does Michael offer a bigger discount?

Yes he does! So glad you asked. Invite Michael to speak at your school or organization and he’s happy to offer a further discount for groups of 10 or more.

How do I book with you? Or what if I want to hire you for a service not listed here such as event work or videography?

You can book by reaching out to the studio directly -