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Why You Must See Yourself As An Artist

Yep, it’s true and how I open every seminar I teach. No matter who you are or what you do, you must see yourself as an artist. Artists have the most important job in the world. No joke, and not kidding - in this post I’d like to share why that is. Before I do I have a couple of questions for you:

Have you ever been in a relationship before? Probably, yes. Have you ever been in a relationship before that, at the time, you knew you shouldn’t be in anymore but STAYED in much longer than you should have? If, yes - why? Alternatively, have you ever had a project that you knew was due a few months in advance but you didn’t even start it until the night before? When I ask these questions in my seminars, the hands go flying up. So why (when we know better) do we not consistently do better or differently? 

Because human beings are emotional creatures masquerading as logical ones and we don’t take action because of knowledge, we take action because of feeling. 

Take yourself for example; you don't do what you do because it makes sense logically and statistically. You do what you do because you ave to. You’ll never be truly fulfilled with any other career or life path. You can’t explain it logically, and certainly don’t need to. You have greater intelligence that lives inside of you that tells you that doing what you do is a must. But what you do is merely the delivery vehicle for your art. What you are is an artist and artists have the most important job in the world. Why..? 

Because one day someone is going to come into contact with a creation or expression of yours. It might be a product or an experience or a social media post. The medium doesn't matter. What matters is as a result of what they come in contact with they’re going to feel something. Because of that feeling, not thought but feeling, they’re going to take action. They’re going to do differently in their lives. They're make the call, start the business, take the trip, leave the job or say “I love you”. This is how the world gets changed. Through those like you who have the commitment and courage to continue to stand on the stage of life and share your art with the world. It doesn't matter what your job or career path is. You, my friend, are an artist first and 'fill in the blank' second. I believe the world needs artists now more than ever and want to do everything I can to inspire you to stay in the game. I hope that this post has done that for you in some way. 

In Gratitude,