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The Silent Killer of Your Hopes and Dreams

When he lost a job as a director at one of the fashion most successful fashion brands in the world, he didn't know that it was because his photo. 

When her inbox on the dating app remained empty she didn't know because it was of her photo. 

When the couple who had the dream of starting a new jewelry brand that never seemed to attract new customers, it was because of their photos. 

When the talented well trained actor never got a call for work that actually paid, it was because of his photo. 

The fact is, if your photos suck, your life is going to suck. And if you suck on camera, you're going to suck in life. Period. Game over. End scene.

But here's the real problem, nobody is going to tell you this. They're simply going to pass you up for the audition, never reach out on the dating app or think you suck at your job because your photos suck. 

The Magic and Curse of Photos

Photographs can do two things that are pretty insane:

1. They can make you look better at what you do than you actually are.

2. They can make you look wildly incompetent even though you might be the best at what you do. 

It All Comes Down To Attraction

If you're not attractive in your photos, you'll never get what you want. Whether it's a date, a new client or a job. And here's the great news: Being attractive in photos has NOTHING to do with physical looks. At all. Ever. 

There are people who one the genetic lottery who look like shit on-camera. Whereas, there are those of us who, let's just say, aren't going to win a modeling contract anytime soon who are magnets for attraction. 

There are certain things, hacks, tricks whatever you might want to call them, that will allow anyone to be infinitely more attractive in photos than if you don't do them. 

What To Do???

There's lots to do and all much easier than you may have imagined it to be. I'll be hosting a free webinar that will teach you: How To Be Your Most Attractive Self On-Camera. Benefits include:

-More dates

-More auditions 

-More clients

-More money

The future belongs to those who have to courage and skills to be their most authentic selves. Yes, it takes skill to do this. To unlearn all the socialization crap that happened to you throughout your life that prevents you from being who you really are and, hence, getting what you want. Let's knock it out of the park together. Sign up here:

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