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5 Reasons Why Being On-Camera Makes You Hotter

Want to be more attractive to, um, everyone? Trying spending some more time on-camera. I'm not taking about your daily selfies (though those help too). I'm talking about getting your photo taken by someone who knows what they're doing, creating a YouTube channel or using something like Facebook Live or Periscope. I can guarantee you that consistently spending time on-camera will make you more attractive. And when you're more attractive, it puts you in a position to get more of what you want. And we all could use a bit more of that these days. 

5 Reasons Why Being On-Camera Makes You Hotter

  1. It amplifies any physical insecurities that you have. Yep, that's right. Anything you don't like about yourself - the camera tends to amplify. How does this make you hotter??
  2. It forces you to do one of two things: A. Change the thing(s) you don't like. i.e. lose the weight, finally make that trip to the dentist or dermatologist. B. Accept those things you don't like about yourself and love the hell out of yourself. Not in spite of but FOR them. You are 1 in 7,000,000,000, my friend, and nobody compares because nobody can. You are uniquely you and that's beautiful (so long as you either change what you can or embrace it)
  3. The camera has a tendency to force you inside of your own head. This is no good. When we're in our heads we're self-conscious and when we're self-conscious we're boring. When we're boring we're, of course, un-attractive. In a way, the camera also amplifies your psychological insecurities - just as it does with our appearance. This is also good. But why? 
  4. Because awareness of our psychological insecurities is the first step to finding the hidden power in them. In my experience, my subjects aren't shy because they're just shy. They're shy because they're afraid that they might not be loved if they express themselves fully or afraid that coming out of their shell might make someone else feel insecure. But here's the thing... When we work through our discomfort, especially on-camera, we help inspire others to do the same. We, ourselves, become an incredibly powerful force that those around us will gravitate towards. So if you're afraid of the camera... You guessed it - you need to get in front of it and stay in front of it until you find the strength in those psychological insecurities. P.S. We all have them. 
  5. You are challenged to get outside of yourself and stay outside of yourself. When you learn to make that camera someone you are attracted to and/or want to attract, something magical happens. You free yourself from self. You become an vibrant instrument of transmission that people can't look away from. Imagine what the landscape of your life will look like when that's true. When you can walk into a room and heads turn. When people feel like they must give you their full attention whenever you speak. When time and space seem to disappear when you're with a friend or lover. The truth is, the better you can get on-camera the more that will be possible in your life. 

A Challenge

Make a video talking about a struggle you've overcome. It can be short and done with your phone. Talk about how you struggled and what you did to overcome it. Do it with courage and sincerity. I guarantee you'll move someone (or many). Notice how it feels too. For you. I would love to see your video so please feel free to give me a tag on social media. Looking forward to seeing what you do.