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Why You Should NEVER Work For "Exposure"

But you'll get great exposure...

Is what he said. I wasn't getting paid for my work, talent or time but I would get "exposure." The implication was that if I worked for him for free the other people he knows would see the work I did for him and then they would pay me. 

Bullshit. Garbage. Nonsense. No way. 

If you have your own business you've more than likely been through this. It happens a LOT to creatives as well: actors, photographers, designers, dancers, speakers, models and many more.

Why Do People Want To Pay You With "Exposure" 

Two reasons:

1. There are plenty of people willing to work for 'exposure' (for free) and they continue to lower the bar for everyone else. 

2. People don't tend to value the creative fields as much as they would those in other jobs. 

But you know what? Neither of those two reasons matter. There is PLENTY of money out there for creatives. You just have to decide you're not going to work for free anymore. Take The Rock for example. He's currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood. $36 MILLION for one movie. The money is there, you just have to stand your ground. 

What Is Exposure Worth Really?

Unless you're the halftime show at the Super Bowl, exposure is pretty much worthless. Let's just look at the math. Nowadays, if you're selling something, you have to make at least seven (usually 9) impressions on a prospect before they buy. Meaning that if you click on a sweater on you have to see it like 6 more times before you buy it. So let's say that you do a project for free for someone and are exposed to their huge audience. You would have to do, at least, another 6 free projects before they'd consider hiring you. Do you want to work for free 7 times??? Heck no! So don't do it once! Exposure will never pay you. It's just a waste of your time, talent and effort. 

What's Way More Valuable Than Exposure?

Relationships. Creating meaningful, transactional relationships is how to succeed at anything. The more meaningful and transactional relationships you can foster, the better your chances of getting paid to do what you do. Relationships start with attraction before they move into connection and transaction. This is true of any relationships. Any, nowadays, the attraction phase in most relationships starts with photos and videos. 

How To Attract Meaningful Relationships

Photos and video are often the first contact anyone will have with you. Photos and videos where you are your true self will attract the kind of people you can create meaningful relationships with. How do you want to be seen? What kind of people do you want to work with? How does one create attractive photos and videos? I answer all these questions in my new series How To Be Instantly More Attractive On-Camera. It's free and available to you at the link at the bottom of the page. Drop your email in and you can instantly download the 3 minute guide. You'll also get three more emails covering how to predict if your photos are will be attractive as well as how to profit from you photos as video. Looking forward to seeing you inside the series! 

Don't Take My Word For It! 

Listen to what legendary writer, Harlan Ellison, has to say about getting paid for your work: