Your Truth. Photographed.®


What would it be like to be who you REALLY are?

What would it be like to be who you really are? Without apology?

No longer fighting for attention, trying to explain yourself or your actions to others and having the courage to say what you're feeling.

You know the you I'm talking about. The true you. That playful, sexy, present and expressive you. The you that lives out of their passion and not their thoughts.

What would the landscape of your life look like if you could walk around as hi person day-to-day? Imagine it for minute. Really do it...

Pretty exciting isn't it? Some (if not a lot) of weight feels like it's been lifted doesn't it? The I question is why do we choose to carry this weight around and why don't we allow ourselves to be truly who we are at all times?

One word: ocialization. here's not a human being I've met that doesn't struggle with this - myself included. There's two choices in any situation:

1. Your truthful response.

2. Your socialized response.

Most of the time we tend to go with our socialized response because it's the one that keeps those around us happy. And, let's be honest, depending upon our current situation(s) it might not always be feasible to be that truest, true self. But here's what we can do...

Find some people that not only accept us for who we truly are but celebrate it and start to spend some more time around them. Why is this so important?

Because the longer we spend in our socialized selves the greater risk we run of forgetting who the true us really was. Eventually (and sadly) some of us lose that self altogether which really sucks and it's one of the reasons why I do what I do.

For the last 8 years my job has been to inspire people to become more of who they really are while I happen to be taking their photograph. It continues to be an amazing adventure and something I'm ever grateful to be a part of. It's also something that's been hard to put into words for other's to get but we've arrived:

Your Truth. Photographed.™

If you're someone that wants to capture the true you in a photo, we would love the opportunity to do that for you and know that it will be an experience you won't forget.

Come see what we've done with some other brave and beautiful human beings at our newly revamped portfolio:

And before you go I invite you to ask yourself what are you doing today to be more of who you really are?

In Gratitude,