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How To Profit From Your Photos And Videos

Rule One

Wherever attention goes, wealth, in all it's forms will eventually follow. There is an ongoing battle that you may or may not be aware of: The Battle for Attention. It's more than a battle actually. It's an all out war being fought by anyone that wants to have a transactional relationship which is the gateway to wealth in all its forms. There are many different kinds of transactional relationships. There are relationship where the transaction is money exchanged for a product or service there are transactional relationships where time and attention or even love is exchanged. Regardless of the type of relationship all of them have this in common..

Rule Two

The birth of any relationship is based in attraction aka attention. If you can't get the attention of those you want to have a transactional relationship with, you can't take the other steps involved that are necessary in building that relationship. 

It's why the big companies spend billions of dollars a year in advertising and social media campaigns. Because they know if they can't get attention they can't make money. Our news organizations also know this. It's why they are highly selective in what they choose to report on and how they choose to report it. Because they too are in the battle for attention and if they don't get the attention they need they can't sell advertising, if they can't sell advertising, they can't feed their kids. It's progressed to the point where they have very little discretion in regards to what they share. I make this point because I always want to invite you to be responsible on your quest for attention. There is a way to get lots of attention and still be responsible about it. 

Rule Three

If you want to last in the battle for attention do it responsibly. What does that mean? It means being responsible and having compassion for your audience. It means giving them what they want but also thinking about what they might need too. It means posting a recent photo on your dating profile and not something from 5 years ago when you were 20 pounds lighter. It means not creating a storyline on your Instagram that may not be true in actuality. Like posing in front of a Ferrari that you 'own' when you've never even had a ride in own. I think you get my point here. 

Rule Four

If you want to profit you have to make an offer. Whether this is an offer to take someone out on a date, sell them your product or service or merely asking them for their advice. You. Have. To. Ask. All the attention in the world doesn't mean a thing if you don't offer some way for this person to continue their relationship with you. Give them the opportunity to do so and let them decide. This can take many forms and something I talk about at length with my coaching and photo clients. 

Rule Five

Create, share, measure, adjust and repeat. It's that simple. Create the photo or video, share it, notice what the engagement is - if it's positive do more and if it's negative change your approach. Repeat that - forever. 

How To Implement The Five Rules

If implementation or the question "how do I do this?" has popped into you head - we've got you covered. Just as I mentioned, in Rule Four, I want to do my job of giving you the opportunity to continue our relationship. There are a few ways we can help.


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On-Camera Coaching

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