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How A Nude Photoshoot Can Help Your Business

Yep, it's true. A nude photoshoot can help your business tremendously. In this post, I'm going to share with you how it can help without having to be photographed naked (unless you want to of course ;-)

Now I know what you might be thinking: Michael what the hell does this have to do with anything? A lot, actually. For the last 7 years I've basically done one thing: To see and inspire the best in others to come out and play when they happen to have a camera pointed at them. My camera. In this post I'm going to share with you the incredibly insightful lesson I've learned and how it’s helped me in my business(s).

How We Do The Uncertain Thing Is What Really Matters

There are few situations that can be more nerve wracking than having our photo taken. It catapults most of us into uncertainty. You would think that in our selfie driven world this would only be the case for the older of us. Wrong. The twenty-somethings I photograph can be just as self-conscious as the forty-somethings I shoot. Often times, more self-conscious. Why? Stay tuned for a separate post on that one. But nevertheless, I see it every week. People tend to walk in as a ball of nerves. And that’s for headshots. Add nudity to the scenario and you have all the ingredients for what can be a painful experience. Why?

Inexperience Breeds Uncertainty

Think about it, how often does the average person get their photo taken in a professional setting? Not very often. Even my actors don’t do it that often. They might be in front of a movie camera a lot but not in front of the still camera. It’s quite different. In addition, most of the people I photograph nude have never done it before, it’s their first time. So of course they’re nervous and uncertain. That’s totally normal. But that’s not what matters…

How We Handle Uncertainty Is EVERYthing

Again, being in a unique position and having photographed well over 100 nude human beings, I’ve gotten to see how the same situation affects different people and how different people handle it. The trajectory is usually this:

Lot’s of nerves in the beginning while clothes are still on. > Nerves continue to build before the subject gets undressed > Subject gets undressed and nerves skyrocket > We begin to work and nerves start to fade > Five minutes into the session the subject realizes they’re still alive and this is way easier than they thought this would be and even feel a little silly for being as nervous as they were > Session continues and subject actually starts to have fun. > Session ends and subject feels “empowered.” The word I hear most often after a nude shoot.

I have to say it’s really beautiful to watch another human being make this journey. Especially someone brave enough to pose for a nude shoot. Going back to the “empowered” part… That descriptor, more than any other word, is how the shoot has been described by the majority of my clients. What can we learn from this? In order to have that feeling of empowerment we have to tolerate uncertainty. If we can’t tolerate uncertainty, we’ll never grow. And if we don’t don’t grow, neither will our businesses.

When Things Are Uncertain

What we do when the clients, auditions and money is rolling in doesn’t mean very much. What we do when that phone ain’t ringing or that that inbox ain’t pinging is EVERYthing. I see it happen with actors all the time. They graduate from these amazing programs with all the talent in the world. But when a year passes and they’re not working, the uncertainty becomes too much and they call it quits. Or we start our online business thinking the money is going to fall on our heads in a matter of three months and, when it doesn’t, we think the program we bought is broken or worse, we are. More than any other factor, how we handle uncertainty will determine if we’ll wind up where we want or end up throwing in the towel short of the glory.

How To Handle Uncertainty

Here’s a few things you can do to get through those uncertain situations and times in your life:

  1. Learn from my nude photography clients! If there’s something you fear, go do it. The sooner you face the fear, less power it will have over you.

  2. Self-Talk. What are you saying to yourself when you’re uncertain? Be honest? Are you talking to yourself like shit? Are you saying things that you wouldn’t say to someone you hated? OR, are you saying awesome things to yourself? Let me tell you, when you’re stark naked in front of a camera the only thing to do is to say kind and awesome things to yourself. If you don’t the photos will suck. If you talk to yourself like shit in your life, it will suck too. Stop doing that.

  3. Focus. Focus on where you want to go. Keep your eye on the prize. Let it pull you. One of the tricks us photographers use to control your focus when you look at a photo is to put certain things in focus and certain things out of focus. Same thing in your life. Whatever remains in sharp focus you’ll tend to manifest. Even if it’s something bad.

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