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How To Stay Positive When Things Actually Suck

Have you ever felt hopeless? I certainly have. There have been points in my life where I felt like I was trapped in a snow globe of hell. It was cold, shitty, I felt anxious and when I wasn't anxious I was depressed. I actually welcomed the depression because it was far less painful than anxiety. The snow globe of hell is a haunting place. The worst part is that I could see the glass that kept me in but all that seemed to exist beyond it was darkness. There was no light at the end of the tunnel or, in this case, nothing hopeful that seemed to exist outside the pain of the moment. 

If you've been in this place before or are maybe in it now, I'd like to offer you a tool that has helped me break the glass of the snow globe of hell. It's actually something I use frequently in day-to-day life. It's done wonders for my relationships and has enabled me to lead a pretty damn exciting life. 

This is somewhat of an effortless tool to use but does demand a tiny bit of courage. But then again, what impactful change in our lives doesn't require some courage? 

Here it is: As long as you have the courage to state the truth of the moment it will always take you somewhere.

And that 'somewhere' is usually a better place. I first discovered the power of this while in an improv scene in acting class. I was partnered with this guy and our scenes never really went anywhere. They always sucked. One day, in the middle of an exercise that was, again, sucking... I stated the truth of the moment: That this sucked and we always seemed to suck. By doing this I found out that he didn't like me, I sensed that and it was getting in the way of us being open enough for each other to work together. We were able to sort all this out in that very moment while the class sat there with mouths agape after this guy just told me he didn't like me. We actually become great friends as a result and the take away here is that if I had never stated the truth of the moment we would've continued sucking (forever and ever).

So what's sucking for you right now? Share it with someone you trust. Whatever that might be. Yes, there's more to solving an issue that just stating it but there remains tremendous power in merely stating the truth of the moment which may be no more than: I feel like I'm a snow globe of hell right now with no way out. The mere act of stating this might help you realize things may not be as bad as you think. That's step one. Step two is coming your way next week so make sure you stay tuned.

Keeping a positive outlook when things are good anyone can do. Those who lead the lives they dream of know how to keep that positive outlook when things look hopeless. 

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