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How To Get Unstuck Now

It sucks to feel stuck (say that three times fast). It's scary. Depressing. And can make you feel hopeless. If you're feeling this way now I'm really glad you're reading this because things are about to get better for you. 

How and why do we wind up feeling stuck? It actually doesn't matter. You can spend a lifetime trying to figure it out or you can get up and out as quickly as possible. I'm going to share with you how to turn the downward spiral of stuck upside down and send you off like a rocket ship on your way to Mars (thank you Freddie Mercury for the visual). 

Here is the great thing about feeling stuck: It can only mean that you're right on the edge of a breakthrough. Victory is close. Very, close. All you have to do is take the steps below and then welcome that breakthrough when it comes with open arms.

Feeling stuck is a matter of focus. It happens when we focus on where we're at in our lives and compare that to what "should" be. Then we look at the distance we need to travel and have no idea what step to take or even if we feel able to take a step at all. Before I share how to get unstuck, I first want to teach you how to feel like shit about yourself and your life:

Compare yourself to others. 

Comparison is the thief of joy. And the more we compare, the more we rob ourselves of joy. Stop doing that. Do this instead:

If you feeling like you're stuck DECIDE RIGHT NOW THAT:

1. The only possible reason you're feeling stuck is that a major breakthough is very close. 

2. All you need to do to experience that break through is let go of how it's going to happen and take some very simple and easy action. 

BUT WHAT IF DON'T KNOW WHAT ACTION TO TAKE???! Don't worry, I got ya covered. Here are 8 actions anyone that has a heartbeat can take to get unstuck now: 

  1. Call a friend and tell them why you appreciate them so much. 
  2. Go somewhere and hang out with people who are far less fortunate than you.
  3. Write a love letter to a friend with 10 reasons why they rock.
  4. Make a short video for a friend telling them why they rock and text it.
  5. Read something that you're passionate about to a friend.  
  6. Buy a stranger coffee.
  7. Volunteer an hour of your time at a hospital or rehab center. 
  8. Go to the theatre. Not the movies, the theatre. 

Notice a little bit of a pattern here? Getting unstuck is about gaining perspective through connection. Feeling stuck? Just do one or all of the things I just listed and I promise you'll be well on your way to that breakthrough. Yes you can and yes you will. Now go get unstuck!! 

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