A Year And A Half Without Alcohol - What It's Like

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And, yes, that before/after photo is when I was drinking vs. now - WOW right? 

On September 7th, 2015 I had my last drink. Well, it was a couple actually. OK, more than a couple, it was two bottles of wine. Which was my norm at the time. It's just what I did. And I did it for 25 years. Which, I know, is longer than some of you have even been alive. In fact, I've spent far more years of my life drunk than sober. Another 9 years has to pass before my drunk and sober years are equal. Oh and I'm counting from the day I was born so that gives you an idea ;-)

Yeah, so. What's it like? Pretty fucking magical actually. Why? Many reasons but here's a few...

1. I have to actually deal with whatever comes up for me. This is pretty damn exciting. I wasn't awesome at first, because I lacked the tools. But I developed them quickly. I had to. They say that you stay at the emotional age you were when you started drinking. For me that was 15. I had to play catch up but I did. I am now compelled to use healthy coping tools: Yoga, Exercise, Meditation and good old talking it out. 

2. I don't do anything or hang out with anyone I don't want to. In the past, as long as there was alcohol available, I would. If it was a dinner with people I was kinda 'meh' about, so long as I could pound a few drinks, I'd go. Not anymore. If I don't want to do an activity or hang out with someone sober, I just don't do it. Life is way to fucking short to do that anyway.  

3. I lost a bunch of weight, am in perfect health and the best shape of my life. Just had a physical and all was excellent. My blood work was even better than it was a few years ago. 

4. Connection, creativity, passion and abundance. All the yes! I've never been happier, busier or had more exciting and meaningful relationships and experiences. I even started playing the piano (thank you LA LA Land)

5. Anxiety? Bye, bye. Drinking actually makes you MORE anxious when you're not drinking. When you're not drinking for a long time, it gives your brain chemistry the chance to level out to a healthy level. I'm super thankful for this side effect.

There's lots more but those are the highlights. Am I an alcoholic? I don't know. Is it challenging for me to not drink? Not really. Do I miss a glass of wine with a really nice meal? Sometimes. But, eh... I don't miss it enough to drink. The life I get to lead now far outweighs any 'help' I got from alcohol. 

Thinking of giving up alcohol for good? I'd love to hear from you. Say hello:

In Sobriety, 


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