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3 Minute Passion To Profit Guide

3 Minute Guide On How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit


Welcome to the 8%. That's right, you're in the 8% of people who are committed to getting paid to do what fulfills them. The other 92% of people are unhappy in their jobs. That's crazy right? I mean, think about that. 92% of people are unhappy in their work. Why? Here's the reason:

They don't believe it's possible for them. 

I wish I could tell you it was more complex but it's not. It's the simple and painful truth. Continuing to work a job you hate - no matter what you're getting paid - is selling yourself short. But that's not you. And I couldn't be more exited that you're here. So let's not waste time.

The purpose of this email is give you access to something that's going to help support you in your journey no matter what stage you're at. Maybe you're someone with a full time job looking to leave it and don't know how. Maybe you're someone that's already doing what fulfills you with people that inspire you and you're looking to boost your income. No matter where you're at, the principles of success will always apply. I want to give you a formula (really a game), that continues to help me get paid to do what fulfills me with people I'm inspired by. Here it is:





That's it. That's literally the whole game. What does all this mean? Just think of it like the stages of a date:

Attraction Stage

This is the part where you do what you can to attract whomever you're interested in. There are limitless ways to do this. What I want to get across here is that there are qualities that are attractive and qualities that aren't. In dating as well as in business. The goal here is to simply get their attention. Once you have it...

Connection/Nurture Stage

Is there going to be a connection or isn't there? The way we create a deep and meaningful connection in any potential relationship is by simply being our true selves. Our authentic and beautifully unique selves. That's it. No sense in trying to become something for someone. It will only result in pain down the road. This is also where we start building trust. I know I don't have to tell you that trust is VERY important. 


Relationships don't move forward without offers. Want to see this person again, you're going to have to ask for their number. In business, money does not go into your back account without making offers. There's a trick to this - more on that later.


You gotta deliver. There are three levels of delivery:

1. What people expect 

2. Exceeding expectations 

3. Delivering at a level where this person didn't even know that was possible. 

Needless to say, if you take someone home and give them an experience they didn't even know was possible, what are the odds of you getting to see them again....? 

That is the whole game. And it's just that: A Game. Start to think about how this plays out in your area of passion. There's going to be lots more help all around but just wanted to lay a foundation for what's to come. Lastly, this is the longest email you'll get from me. I'm not a long email kinda guy. 

Much more to come and don't forget to take some time to pat yourself on the back for the action you took today! 

Do you want more? If, yes use the link below to watch a 10 minute video for examples on how to implement these practices into your life and business. 

In Gratitude,